What is a Divorce Mediator?

In a few sentences, this is what sums up the role of a divorce mediator.

  I have seen anguish so severe it makes men tremble I have seen worry so deep  that women openly weep I have seen good people be reduced to saying and doing the most vile and mean things imaginable. I have seen financial ruin of the worst level I have seen fear so profound it scars and difigures the soul. I have seen swollen  eyes that ache for peace. I have seen people when they are broken. But I have also seen hope… Sometimes it trickles in and is barely noticeable. Sometimes is gushes freely. But there is always hope. Because they come back and keep trying…again and again. And then they start to heal… Some won’t feel it….at least right now. But if I do my job…healing is possible. I am humbled by them. I respect them. All who come to see me want one thing… Peace. I am a Divorce Mediator.