Alimony Support Calculator

One of our great resources is our alimony support calculator. To obtain an Alimony Support Calculation or Spousal Support calculation please provide the data in the fields to the right. To calculate your monthly gross income use the amount you get paid on an average over the last 3 years. Please understand that unlike a child support calculation, there are no formal required formulas used to determine alimony. Spousal Support is a very complex issue and many factors must be considered when determining a fair alimony payment. For this purpose please do not construe the spousal support or alimony calculation results as legal advice.

Alimony Support Calculator Results

This alimony support calculator result does not factor in such variables such as the dynamics of being self employed, bonus income, over time income, commission based income, or seasonal income. To get a more accurate idea of alimony you may need to discuss these factors with the divorce mediator. Alimony cases are often the most expensive types of divorces when they go to court. To learn more about the reason attorneys make alimony cases so expensive watch this video.