If you have already started a divorce and are in litigation with attorneys and have spent months and are still wondering if there is an end in sight, we can help. You have learned that divorce can be expensive and also learned that you can keep going with attorneys until the money runs out. The fact is that very few divorce cases go to trial and eventually you will have to reach a settlement. It is in your benefit to reach a settlement sooner rather than later to keep expenses down as much as possible. That is where Common Ground Mediation can help you. You may have tried mediation and there is a good chance you had a passive mediator. We are active mediators. We will be involved in the mediation process with you and your spouse together in the same room. More importantly , we provide solutions and ideas to help you reach an agreement. Our track record for success when people mediate with us, after starting the litigation process, is over 90%. We have helped couples reach agreements in 1 day and most can get to an agreement in 1 week. It is possible for your divorce to be finished one week from now and you can stop spending money on legal fees. We are so confident in our ability to get litigating couples to an agreement that we often take these cases on a contingency basis. Meaning that we will not charge you unless we can get you to an agreement and if we do get you to an agreement, you will know in advance the flat fee amount. In our initial free consultation, with both spouses, we will review where the agreements are today and what is left to be completed. The Mediator will provide you with a flat fee at that time (which will be considerably less than continuing to work through 2 attorneys) which is paid only if we complete your divorce agreements. If you are ready for a fresh approach and to have your divorce completed, please use the form to the right to contact us. You can also learn more about the flawed family court system by viewing the documentary, Divorce Corp.