• Grateful for the help to process my divorce. -- Ben H.

    I really did not want a divorce. David not only helped us get to a fair agreement but he did it in a way that allowed me to process things and heal. It was fair and affordable and I'm grateful for people like David Musselman that genuinely care.

  • David's suggestions for a parenting plan have been invaluable. -- Tarilee R.

    When I found out that we could get our divorce done and never have to see a judge or go to a court room, I was relieved. David not only knows about divorce, but he knows how to get people to come together and reach fair agreements. His suggestions for our parenting plan have been the reason that my children have been able to make it through this very difficult time.

  • Masters at Resolving Conflict. -- Mike T.

    I would never even consider going through a divorce unless I used a mediator. And I would never use anybody except for Common Ground. They understand people. They are masters at resolving conflict. They have a system and a process that is professional and balanced. Their flat fee model is brilliant. I never had to stress about the costs.

  • David took the extra time when I needed it. -- Sally L.

    When you're a woman going through a divorce, you feel such a disadvantage. I knew nothing about the financial aspects of divorce. David took so much time with me. He helped me understand how this was all going to work. You can tell that he has done this for a long time and knows what he's talking about.