After Divorce

I am still having difficulty coping with the emotional loss from my divorce

“Will this sad feeling ever go away? Will I ever be able to be in love again? How am I going to ever make it on my own? When should I date? I am scared to death to be in the dating world again.”

Very few events in life will have a more negative effect on you than a divorce. This is where we are different. We are not just divorce mediators. We also have experience and training in communication and empowerment coaching. There is a right way and a wrong way to heal. Common Ground  has developed a step by step process customized to each client that addresses all of the emotional hazards of a divorce and helps you to get back on track quickly. Our empowerment coaching is very effective and one of the ways that Common Ground is so much more than just a mediation firm.

Unlike traditional therapy models which use a psychoanalytical approach, we use a tested model of communication empowerment coaching. Our methods are unique and one of a kind. We have found that people are tired of talking about the problems over and over. Instead they want SOLUTIONS. They want to know what they can DO right now to improve their lives RIGHT NOW.

We also believe in the “tethering approach” which means our clients are connected to the coach 24/7. Normal therapy models address your problems only during the therapy session. Most of the time your problems don’t conveniently occur during the therapy session. You struggle at 3:00 am in the morning! Or on the way to work or on weekends when you are alone. By having your coach tethered to you and having the ability to reach out to them in the actual moment you are struggling, the coach can do more good for you in a 15 minute conversation real time then having several scheduled therapy sessions would do.

If you are ready to gain control of your live. If you are ready to let the past go. If you are open to having somebody that wants to see you get better and improve and will give you a gentle reality check when you need it most,  then you should consider our empowerment coaching process. Our goal is to transform you into a strong, enthusiastic, and positive person so you can give yourself a chance to have deep meaningful relationships in the future.

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