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How Our Office is Handling the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Governor of Utah has put precautions in place to help our state be proactive and not reactive to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Our company will fall in line and help by being responsible members of the community. 

Until further notice, we will be conducting all mediation proceedings via video conference and continuing to use the court’s online document submission process. Documents will be received via the secured dropbox at the office (the small black mailbox by the front) or via mail.

Our office and team are already set up to handle situations like this one and we anticipate our streamlined process to continue as-is. In addition to our in-person mediations, we’ve been mediating divorces via video conferencing for 5 years for both our local and global clients. (It’s our experience that video conference speeds the divorce process by 15-20% versus face-to-face meetings–likely due to the emotional safety provided by its uniqueness.)

Our staff will continue to work diligently on cases via the remote solutions we currently use. Clients can continue to look for updates about your process via our internal portal and app. They will use the secured dropbox that’s only accessible by two members of the team for added security of your documents, or via mail. 

The courts are closed for hearings and may take further drastic measures. For now, we will still be working closely with court clerks to make sure mediated divorces will be processed. If you are still in the initial phases of your divorce, we do encourage you to start the process now before the courts get bogged down trying to deal with the fallout of this unprecedented pandemic.

Our clients are our biggest priority. We are committed to helping you work through this hard decision as easy as possible and with a minimum of disruption to the process and a quick completion.

Ultimately, our biggest concern is for the safety and well-being of you and your loved ones. Thank you for your continued trust in us. Please don’t hesitate to contact any member of our staff with any questions or concerns.


We’re aware of the financial impacts of this deadly virus–we’re waiving our fee for anyone who’s lost their job as a result of the pandemic’s impact so your divorce doesn’t take longer than it needs to and cause the situation to deteriorate.


We’re committed to your safety and slowing the spread of the virus with videoconferencing options, a dropbox for documents, and online submission.


We believe in flattening the curve of panic by increasing the availability of our conflict resolution service for people struggling with any kind of conflict in their home or business.

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Help and support is just a click away.