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We Do More Divorces Than Anyone Else in Utah

“Why it is so important to get your divorce done as quickly as possible”

The average divorce in Utah can take over 18 months. Often couples will use all of the sick leave and vacation time and still have to take additional time off work to go to hearings and depositions. Time is not your friend in a divorce. The more time that passes the greater chance that the situation will worsen. Eventually you run out of money and are forced to settle on terms that you later regret.

Why We Are The Fastest

We believe that NO DIVORCE should take longer that 2 MONTHS to complete. We have a process that guarantees  that you will have your divorce completed and signed by a judge in 2 months or less and you will never even see the inside of a courtroom. We are the only mediation firm that prepares all of the paperwork in house and we file all the documents needed to waive unnecessary hearings and waiting periods. The sooner you can get your divorce over the sooner you can heal and start focusing on your children as coparents.
“Why Our Process Guarantees the Fairest Agreements”

You will have a voice

In order to have a fair agreement you must first understand all of your options and you must feel like you have a voice in the decision making process. We make sure that you never feel pressured to make a decision without being educated about your options. We provide an environment where you get to be heard and your opinions and ideas are listened to. We are trained in high conflict resolution communication. We understand that you are being expected to make the biggest decisions of your life when you are emotionally at one of the worst times of your life. We will help you have the confidence you need to make decisions.

Creativity is Key

The best agreements are the ones that have the most creativity. You divorce is like a fingerprint. There is no divorce exactly like it. We will provide creative solutions to your situation regarding your children, debt and assets, alimony, and every other aspect of your divorce. If you both agree on something that is different that the court standard that is COMPLETELY OK as long as you are making informed decisions. If its not broken we don’t need to waste time trying to fix it. Most if our time is usually spend educating couples because they did not even know which questions to ask. You will not be pressured to agree to anything until you feel comfortable.
“Why Our Service is the Least Expensive Way to Get a Divorce by Far”

Did you know the average litigated divorce in Utah is over $15,000 EACH!?

This is CRAZY! The reason for this is that attorney’s make money when you fight. The more you fight the more money they make. They do not promote settlement until after they have determined you can not pay them any more money. DO NOT GO SEE AN ATTORNEY EVER. IF YOU FEEL YOU NEED TO HAVE AN ATTORNEY WAIT UNITL YOU HAVE A ROUGH DRAFT FROM YOUR MEDIATION. You can show your rough draft to an attorney and pay than 500.00 to review it instead of a $10,000 dollar retainer.

We want your divorce to cost as little as possible. Our process is designed to accomplish this.

We are the only divorce mediation firm that does not require you to have attorney’s. We are the only divorce mediation firm that will agree to do your divorce on a flat fee. We can get most divorces completed for less than $2000 and even the most complex divorces can be completed for less than $5000. Thats the total cost! Not per person! We are the only divorce mediation firm that promotes keeping your divorce as far as possible from courtrooms and judges and attorneys. We are the only divorce mediators that process all of your paperwork in house.  We are the only divorce mediation firm that will guarantee our service and refund your money if you are not satisfied. We are the only divorce mediation firm with a 96% success rate. The average success rate for the mediators 55% as published on by the Utah Court Administrators office.


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