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The average divorce in Utah takes over 18 months. During that time, there are meetings with attorneys, depositions, and hearings in front of a judge. Most divorcing couples in this stressful situation have to use up all their sick leave and vacation time before the divorce is final. Often, the process will stretch into taking unpaid days to finish a divorce. Attorneys charge by the hour. They make more money the longer a divorce takes, which doesn’t incentive them to move swiftly. The harder it is for you to agree on terms, the longer it takes, and the more you will have to pay them.

When attorneys are involved, the average litigated divorce in Utah costs over $15,000 PER PERSON.

Attorneys make money when you can’t agree on the terms of your divorce. The more you fight and argue, the more you’ll have to pay. Once you run out of money, attorneys will work to find an agreement. In our experience, it’s best not to involve an attorney, but if you feel you need to have one involved, WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE A ROUGH DRAFT FROM YOUR MEDIATION. By showing your rough draft to an attorney, you’ll only pay $500 for a document review instead of a $10,000 retainer.
Beyond the financial cost, the more time that passes, the greater chance that the situation will worsen and agreeing will become more difficult, costing you more mentally, emotionally, and even physically. Time is not your friend in a divorce. Eventually, you run out of money and are forced to settle on terms that you will later regret.

From the first meeting to the last, our signature process guarantees you will have your divorce completed and signed by a judge within 2 months or less, without setting foot inside a courtroom.

We are the ONLY mediation firm that prepares all your paperwork in-house. We file all the documents needed to waive unnecessary hearings and waiting periods.

We believe in getting you back to life as quick as possible. The sooner your divorce is over, the sooner you can heal, the sooner you can put the focus on your children as co-parents.

We will guide you through the ins and outs of the confusing divorce maze. During your first meeting, we will ensure you are aware of and understand all of your options so you feel like you have a voice in the decision-making process.
Because we don’t charge by the hour, there’s no rush. We make sure you don’t feel pressured to make a decision without being educated about your options. We provide an environment where you get to be heard and your opinions and ideas are listened to.
We are trained in high-conflict resolution communication. We understand the challenges that come when you are being expected to make the biggest decisions of your life when you are emotionally at one of the worst times of your life.
We help you have the confidence you need to make these critical decisions.
We will work with you to create a custom solution for your unique situation. The best agreements are the ones that have the most creativity.
Your divorce is like a fingerprint. There is no divorce exactly like it. We will work alongside you to provide creative solutions regarding your children, debts and assets, alimony, your home, and every other aspect of YOUR divorce.
If you both agree on something that is different that the court standard, that is completely okay and allowed as long as you are making informed decisions. We encourage our clients to bring all their wishes and desires to the meetings so we can craft what you want to see, not what a judge mandates.
You will not be pressured to agree to anything until you feel completely comfortable.
We want you to pay as little as possible for your divorce. Our signature process (honed over twenty-five years and while helping clients in over 8,000 divorces) was designed with this goal in mind.
Because we don’t require you to have attorneys during any stage of the process, we’re the only divorce mediation firm that’s willing to do divorces for a flat fee.
A flat fee is the TOTAL cost, not a fee per person and INCLUDES all your document prep fees. There won’t be any surprises and after your free consultation, the mediator will be able to give you that cost based on the complexity of your case so you won’t pay any more than you need.
We stand behind our process and experienced mediators. We guarantee your service and will refund your money if you are not satisfied.
After 8000+ divorces in 25+years, we’ve achieved a 96% success rate–of every 100 divorces we do, only 4 couples will be unable to come to a collaborate divorce agreement and will need to involve costly attorneys.                                             
 If you follow our process and you were not completely satisfied we will refund your money
We successfully help our clients reach agreements that leaves everyone comfortable and confident in the hard decisions that are a part of divorce.
We have a 96% success rate in getting our clients to a collaborative divorce agreement.
(The average success rate for the mediators 55% according to the Utah Court Administrators office.)
Our specialized process ensures all your documents are handled privately in-house. No surprise filing fees or bait-and-switch tactics. You will know up-front what your cost will be and that price won’t change. Once you pay for our services, every aspect of your divorce is included.
No surprises.
No Courtrooms.
Our founder and lead divorce mediator was the original. He started mediating 25+ years ago before divorce mediation existed. He was the first non-lawyer mediator in Utah and founded the the Divorce Mediation Institute of Utah.
Over the course of his practice, he’s honed his philosophies, strategies, and systems to create a method of divorce that keeps the couple in the same room, collaborating and working together. The resulting parenting plans, alimony plans, property decisions, and business impact are as unique as their situation.
He is so well-known for his alimony buyouts that he regularly consults divorce attorneys nationwide about them. He is also known for his parenting plans that level the playing field for couples and give them full control of their parenting agreement instead of letting attorneys and judges make the decisions for their families.
Over the course of his practice, he’s conducted 8,000+ divorces, each one as different as the one before, each requiring a unique and skilled mediator to manage the delicate balance of high emotions and challenging decisions.
The only thing worse than a bad marriage is a bad divorce. Choose someone who can expertly guide you through the maze of divorce.

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