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Because All Divorces Are Not The Same


“Is it possible to get a divorce without adversarial attorneys, where we BOTH have a voice in process, where we can know our rights?”

If both parties have come to accept the divorce is happening and you want to get through the process and never set foot in a courtroom then our Standard Mediation Service is your best option.

You can expect the highest level of professional conduct

  • Experienced

We are the most experienced mediators in the business. You will have access to over 26 years of mediation experience having completed over 12,000 mediations

  • Unbiased and Fair

We work for both of you. We do not take sides. We make sure that your voice is heard. We will help you figure out how to bend without breaking


“My spouse does not want to mediate. I don’t want to get an attorney to force this divorce. What can I do?”

It is always preferred that both parties participate and have a voice in the mediation process. We always push for both parties to participate. In a shuttle mediation we will attempt to engage the unwilling spouse by contacting them via phone and email. If they still decide not to participate then we will work with the willing spouse and together create a divorce agreement. The willing spouse will predict what their spouse feels is fair and a rough draft of the agreement will be provided to the unwilling party to review. They can then choose to either accept the terms of the agreement or they may participate in the mediation and make changes.

If the unwilling spouse continues to not participate then the mediator will guide the willing party through the process of submitting the divorce paperwork to the courts where the divorce will be finalized.

Most of the time the unwilling spouse will eventually choose to participate in the mediation process once the realize that the divorce will go forward even they do not participate.

The Only Thing Worse Than A Bad Marriage is a Terrible Divorce

Post Nuptial Agreements

If you are not ready to divorce but you at least want the terms of your divorce to be determined in the event you divorce in the future then you should mediate a post nuptial marriage agreement.
“We are not sure if right now is the time to divorce but we would like to have the terms of our divorce figured out if we choose to divorce in the future”

The fear of not knowing what your divorce agreement would look like can  be a major reason that your marriage counseling or other reconciliation efforts are not working. This can be avoided by just putting together a pre divorce agreement using mediation. You sign it and in the event you end up getting a divorce then all of the terms of the divorce are already agreed on and decided. We can convert the post nuptial agreement to a divorce decree very easily.

How a pre divorce agreement might help save your marriage

Agree to the terms of the divorce now even if you dont decide to divorce until later

  • Allows for a more genuine attempt to reconcile if you are trying to save the marriage

  • Makes the divorce much easier to complete if later you decide that divorce was the right answer.

We are the only mediators that currently provide a post-nuptial mediation agreement process. We will guide you both through all of the divorce issues and help you craft an agreement that is fair and will be legally binding if you decide to divorce in the future. Get the agreement done now while emotions are low and manageable.


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