Common Ground is more than
just a divorce mediation firm...

Total support with a proven proprietary system that allows for a fair and respectful divorce in 30 days or less.

Utah’s most experienced Divorce Mediation emotion coaching, crisis managing, legal educating, financial guiding and after divorce coping divorce mediation firm.

Common Ground has refined a process that will get you through your divorce faster and at a lower cost than any other divorce mediation service.

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Proven, low-cost
divorce mediation

Our process gets you through your divorce faster and at a lower cost than other services.

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When you’re a woman going through a divorce, you feel such a disadvantage. I knew nothing about the financial aspects of divorce. David took so much time with me. He helped me understand how this was all going to work. You can tell that he has done this for a long time and knows what he’s talking about.
Sally L.

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