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David Musselman--Master Mediator and Communication Coach

Dave Musselman is the founder and President of Common Ground Mediation. Dave has created multiple interactive tools to help couples process through the divorce process with clarity and confidence. He has been mediating divorces for over 25 years. He was the first non-lawyer mediator in Utah and Dave was the original founder of the Divorce Mediation Institute of Utah. He attended the University of Utah and received degrees in communication and advanced certifications in mediation. Considered a maverick in the mediation community, he has redefined how couples approach divorce. He is known for is creative debt and asset agreements and especially for his alimony buyout formulas and consults on the topic with divorce attorneys nationwide. His parenting plans level the playing field for couples and give them full control of their parenting agreement instead of letting attorneys and judges make decisions about their families. He enjoys all outdoor activities and loves to travel. He loves spending time with his 6 beautiful children.

Mari Catherine Vinton--Divorce Trauma Coach

With over 5 years mediation and coaching experience in Utah’s number one mediation firm, Rin uses her compassionate, intuitive coaching approach to save relationships, empower individuals healing from divorce and strengthen fractured communication between separated couples for productive and amicable co-parenting relationships.

With Rin’s “care and repair” approach, individuals discover functional, real-world tools and solutions. Using these solutions, clients work with Rin one-on-one to build confidence and skills that empower and heal both couples and individuals from the inside out while setting a positive trajectory for future relationships.

Monica L. Owens--Divorce Trauma Coach

Monica has extensive experience in coaching, training, and relationship management in divorce transition and trauma. As the mom to 8 kids in a complicated blended family that has experienced extreme success, she has lived separation, divorce, remarriage, and re-centering her life and the lives of her large family.

Monica has mediated and coached divorce clients for 9 years. She understands the intricate ins-and-outs of the emotions and relationships during and after divorce.
As a life transition/trauma coach, she will be invaluable due to her innate ability to understand and de-escalate the inevitable stresses of the divorce process.

She has a very positive, mature, straight-forward and nurturing approach to coaching, helping clients find stability in the future relationships that need to be built going forward.

Monica feels like one of the main focus points of divorce is nurturing the co-parenting relationships that must exist to provide each family member with the most positive outcome possible. As a child of divorce, she believes that children should continue normal relationships with all parties that are supportive and fundamental to their future success.

There is so much life that goes on after a divorce; it is the beginning of a new experience, and Monica is here to help facilitate a smooth transition into that experience helps all parties adjust to this new life.

Cheyenne Gehlen--Divorce Case Manager

Cheyenne has been working as a case manager for divorce mediation for over 4 years, and is proficient in divorce document management. She sees large successes in completing cases and helping clients work through the confusing and overwhelming document process.
She is known for her innate ability to multitask at the highest levels of satisfaction. She’s pleasant to work with and has a keen eye for detail and professionalism when it comes to caring for clients going through a divorce.


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