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David Musselman--Master Mediator and Communication Coach

Dave Musselman is the founder and President of Common Ground Mediation. Dave has created multiple interactive tools to help couples process through the divorce process with clarity and confidence. He has been mediating divorces for over 25 years. He was the first non-lawyer mediator in Utah and Dave was the original founder of the Divorce Mediation Institute of Utah. He attended the University of Utah and received degrees in communication and advanced certifications in mediation. Considered a maverick in the mediation community, he has redefined how couples approach divorce. He is known for is creative debt and asset agreements and especially for his alimony buyout formulas and consults on the topic with divorce attorneys nationwide. His parenting plans level the playing field for couples and give them full control of their parenting agreement instead of letting attorneys and judges make decisions about their families. He enjoys all outdoor activities and loves to travel. He loves spending time with his 6 beautiful children.

Mari Catherine Vinton--Divorce Trauma Coach

With over 5 years mediation and coaching experience in Utah’s number one mediation firm, Rin uses her compassionate, intuitive coaching approach to save relationships, empower individuals healing from divorce and strengthen fractured communication between separated couples for productive and amicable co-parenting relationships.

With Rin’s “care and repair” approach, individuals discover functional, real-world tools and solutions. Using these solutions, clients work with Rin one-on-one to build confidence and skills that empower and heal both couples and individuals from the inside out while setting a positive trajectory for future relationships.

Monica Brown-Owens--Divorce Trauma Coach

Monica Brown-Owens is a highly experienced divorce mediator with a passion for helping couples find amicable and efficient solutions to their divorce and modification needs. With over 10 years of experience at a reputable mediation firm, Monica has successfully mediated over 250 divorces and modifications each year.

Monica’s mediation approach is characterized by her extreme level of dedication and commitment to achieving results. She boasts an impressive 97.6% success rate in helping her clients reach agreements, allowing them to swiftly move on to the document preparation and filing process within just 3-5 weeks. By significantly reducing the typical divorce timeline from 18 months to a mere 3 months, Monica ensures that her clients can transition into their new lives with minimal delay.

Specializing in high-level divorces involving complex financial matters, Monica is well-versed in dividing assets, debts, and dealing with real and personal property. Her extensive knowledge as a tenured real estate agent and owner of a large industrial park in Washington Utah gives her a unique perspective on family trusts and property division.

Beyond her professional expertise, Monica brings a personal understanding of the challenges faced by blended families. Having lived in a blended family for 13 years with 8 children, she has successfully navigated the complexities of coparenting and even intertwining an adoption story. Her passion lies in helping her clients find agreements that align with their unique circumstances and enable them to build peaceful and successful futures.

Monica firmly believes in respecting her clients’ autonomy and decision-making processes. She understands that each individual has their own version of what is fair, and her role is to provide relevant data and ideas to assist in making informed decisions. With her guidance, clients can confidently make choices that work best for their specific situations.

In addition to her expertise in financial matters, Monica excels in crafting flexible custody and parenting plans. She firmly believes in the power of creativity and flexibility in these areas, as they contribute to a higher quality of life for families post-divorce.

With Monica Brown-Owens as your divorce mediator, you can expect a compassionate, knowledgeable, and results-driven approach to resolving your divorce or modification. Her dedication to helping families find peace and success after divorce is evident in her track record and her commitment to providing exceptional service.

Monica also spends the time needed after your divorce to coach you through some of the common issues that arise. She believes that time value helps keep her clients in peaceful divorces with children for years to come. Divorce does not always mean your relationship is completely dissolved to never see one another again. Especially when the parties have children the relationship takes on a different form but continues for your lifetime with your children. She believes getting invited to the children’s, weddings, baby births and other important family events successfully is incredibly important.

Monica is a Certified as a Mediator by Utah Dispute Resolution.

Cheyenne Gehlen--Divorce Case Manager

Cheyenne has been working as a case manager for divorce mediation for over 4 years, and is proficient in divorce document management. She sees large successes in completing cases and helping clients work through the confusing and overwhelming document process.
She is known for her innate ability to multitask at the highest levels of satisfaction. She’s pleasant to work with and has a keen eye for detail and professionalism when it comes to caring for clients going through a divorce.


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