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JR Musselman- Master Mediator

Combine the most extraordinary life experience with an almost “Jedi like” ability to connect and teach people and you have JR Musselman.  JR continues to get the highest reviews of any of the mediators that have been at Common Ground Mediation. His clients appreciate his ability to blend just the right amount of humor into his direct approach that has proven to get even the most complicated cases done in faster than most other mediators. JR was a combat helicopter pilot with several tours in IRAQ. After incurring some life altering disabilities from combat he resolved to press forward and came home and received a bachelors degrees from the University of Utah. He has had parents divorce and also experienced a divorce himself. He has remarried into a partnership where his new wife brought 11 children to combine with the two children with his first marriage. He has personally experienced the highs and lows of co-parenting and blending families and brings his wisdom and negotiation skills to the mediation process.

David Musselman- Master Mediator, Communication Coach.

Dave Musselman is the founder and President of Common Ground Mediation. Dave has created multiple interactive tools to help couples process through the divorce process with clarity and confidence. He has been mediating divorces for over 25 years. He was the first non lawyer mediator in Utah and Dave was the original founder of the the Divorce Mediation Institute of Utah.  He attended the University of Utah and received degrees in communication and advanced certifications in mediation. Considered a bit of a maverick in the mediation community he has helped to redefine how couples approach divorce. He is known for is creative debt and asset agreements and especially for his alimony buyout formulas. He has consulted with divorce attorneys nationwide teaching them about alimony buyouts. He is also known for his parenting plans that level the playing field for couples and give them full control of their parenting agreement instead of letting attorneys and judges make the decisions. He enjoys all outdoor activities and loves to travel. He is married and has 6 children.

Brynne Erickson- Level 1 Mediator, Communication Coach.

Brynne Erickson is a mother of four and became passionate about helping families and couples through the divorce process through her past personal experiences. She is a strong advocate for keeping divorce out of courtrooms. Brynne believes she can help people get through the hardest time in their lives, in the best way possible with her communication and negotiation techniques as well as her empathetic nature.
Brynne studied journalism and communications at Utah State University and attended a high level, extended mediation course led by one of the best in the industry. She completed an internship right here at Common Ground Mediation with David Musselman and later joined our team as a remote Level 1 mediator. She has excelled ever since.
“Relationship and Empowerment Coach- Mari Catherine Vinton”

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“Case Manager/Document Preparation Specialist-Cheyenne Geylen”

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