COVID-19 UPDATE: We are encouraging all our clients to take advantage of our video conferencing option to stay safe and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19.

For immediate divorce information with regard to the current pandemic, see our article, podcasts, or message from our Founder & CEO.


Our office and team are set up to handle situations like this one and we anticipate our already streamlined process to continue as-is. In addition to in-person mediations, we have mediated divorces via video conferencing for 5 years for both our local and global clients. One benefit to video is the potential emotional safety provided, which speeds the divorce process by 15-20% versus face-to-face meetings.

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The first step in the divorce mediation process is for the couple to attend the free orientation consultation. Both parties must attend. This can be done in person or over a conference call or a video conference . You choose. This will be an informative consultation to review all of your options in divorce and will include discussions about cost and timeframes of completion. This is a low key meeting. No attempts to reach any agreements will be made. You will both leave this free consultation with less stress!

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