After Divorce

I need my divorce agreement to be modified

“My divorce agreement was not done right from the very start. I need to get it fixed and I don’t want to have to fix it again.”

Did you do your divorce by yourself trying to save money and now your realizing that there were many things not addressed?


Did your attorneys end up will all the money you had so you ended up just settling on issues that needed a better agreement?

If your divorce agreement was never done right and now you need it fixed then let us help. Now that some time has passed maybe there is not as much negative emotion in your relationship with your ex-spouse. We have fixed hundreds of broken divorce agreements with out ever having our clients step into a courtroom.

“Many things have changes since we put our divorce agreement together. We need to revisit some issues and make the agreement reflect more of what our reality is now.”

This is a very common problem. Things do change. Kids get older and have different needs. Incomes and other financial situations make it necessary to revisit your agreement.

Wether you have a poorly written divorce agreement or you have just had changes in life that require a new look at the old terms we can help. This can normally be done in less than 1 week including the homework and any needed documents to be prepared.

If you feel that it is time to get you divorce fixed and you want to avoid the nightmare of getting attorneys and going to court (remember by law you have to try mediation anyway) then complete the form below and a mediator will contact you and discuss a plan to get your agreement fixed fast, and affordable, and fair.


Most modifications can be done within a week, and that includes any documents you will need to file with the courts. We also provide a flat fee for modifications.. During your free consultation, we will review which modifications are needed and provide you with a flat fee for the services. Please call or use the free consultation to contact us with questions or to set an appointment.


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