I am still unsure if divorce is the right answer

“Can my marriage be saved? Should I keep trying? Why didn’t marriage counseling work? Am I going to regret my decision either way? Should I just stay in the marriage for the children?”

There are very few decisions in life that may be as difficult than the decision to stay married or get divorced. The mere fact you are even viewing our website is an indication that your marriage is in serious trouble and it may be too late for reconciliation.

What is A Pre Divorce Settlement Agreement (sometimes called a post-nuptial agreement)?

Can it help save my marriage?

At this stage of your relationship you may have already said and done things that have caused major damage to your relationship. The parties have often been threatening divorce and how they are going to hurt each other in a divorce. All of that negative energy can suck the life out of any chance of marriage counseling effort.

To overcome this problem we recommend the parties actually put an agreement together outlining all of the terms of what their divorce would look like IF they divorce. By doing this they can eliminate the possibility of sabotaging their efforts to reconcile with continued divorce threats. The parties already know and understand what to expect if they divorce and they sign an agreement that would bind them to those terms if they choose to divorce.  We are the first mediation firm to develop the post-nuptial mediation process and have seen it increase the chance of a successful reconciliation by 70%. In the event that the couple does choose to divorce later they are able to do so with much less difficulty and animosity because they have already agreed in advance how they were going to settle the divorce issues.

If you are not sure that divorce is the answer but you are worried about marriage counseling not working please consider this option. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Biggest Reason Marriage Counseling Fails...


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