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More Than Just A Mediation Firm

Utah's first and most experienced divorce mediation firm.

We handle even the toughest cases

At Common Ground Mediation, we’ve mediated more divorces than any other mediation firm in Utah and are one of the most experienced mediation firms in the country. Our firm has mediated 8000 divorces quickly and for a fraction of the cost of lawyers or other mediators. Our success rate for peacefully mediating divorces for everyone is a 96%! We turned the legal system upside down by changing how divorces were being done starting with how we bill for our services. We are still the only mediation firm that has a flat fee option. We are the the first mediation firm to offer a refund if we are not able to successfully mediate all of your divorce issues. You will not find another mediator or attorney that will even consider a flat fee or a money back promise. We can take the risk because we have proven process that WORKS.

For 96% of you needing a divorce we can mediate a fair divorce in 30 days or less, without lawyers and without courtrooms. The average success rate of court roster mediators in the Utah is 55%. We have built an exclusive, proprietary system to work though the process easily and without hostility so that you can move on and begin to heal quickly.

The only thing worse than a bad marriage is a terrible divorce"