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Mediation In Divorce is the Law

“Its not a matter of IF you have to have a mediator when you have conflict in a divorce, But you can choose when you mediate and who your mediator is.”

In the state of Utah any couple that goes through a divorce must at least attempt mediation before a judge will make any decisions on a contested matter as per Section 78-31b-5.

If a party files for divorce eventually they will be directed by the courts to go to mediation. Many people do not know this and hire attorneys and pay expensive attorneys fees only to be told that they must have a mediator and incur additional mediation costs. At this stage of the divorce there is often much more contention then when the couples first start. The attorneys direct the mediation process. They select the mediator. They even select the method of mediation and require the couples to sit in different rooms which often creates more polarity. This form of “shuttle” mediation has less than a 60% success rate.Most couples are not aware they could have started the process with a mediator and they why can even choose the mediator.

“Couples that START their divorce with mediation before they even talk to attorneys or file any documents have better agreements (success rate of over 90%)  .”

By using a mediator at the very beginning of the divorce process you will save months of time and thousands of dollars and most important you will have a better agreement that you have control of, not a couple of attorneys and a judge. Before you even talk to an attorney call us first. Let us explain how your divorce can be completed in 30 days and for a fraction of the cost.


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