Step 7: File Documents

When the divorce decree is completed, The spouse who initiated the divorce will have the final PDF file with a checklist of instructions for filing. There will be parts of the filing that need to be notarized and some information will need to be gathered and included with the filing, such as the parenting class certificates (if children under 18 are present in the home).  We will make sure that you have all the necessary instructions to complete the filing and assist you with any questions you might have about the process. Prior to filing at the courthouse, the spouse who initiated the divorce should make a complete copy for themselves and their spouse and keep a digital file for records. At the courthouse the filing process will take about 30 minutes, the court fees will be collected and you will be assigned a case number. Within 30-90 days the divorce decree will be signed by the Judge and you will be notified. You can call the courthouse anytime with your case number to get a status update on your filing. Once the Judge has signed the decree, you can obtain a copy from the courthouse for your records.