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Utah Child Support Calculator

Please understand that determining the financial needs for children is a very complex issue. “Child Support” includes meeting all of the financial needs of the children. This includes food, shelter, clothing, medical costs, daycare, and all the extra curricular costs. The Utah child support calculation you have requested is for only a portion of these costs. You should also know that it is very important that the numbers you provide are correct. Many factors must be considered with regards to the income numbers that you provide to ensure that the Utah child support calculation is as accurate as possible.

More About Utah Child Support

Please note that these Utah child support calculation results should not be construed as legal advise nor should be used as an absolute when predicting your final child support amount. An accurate child support calculation can be obtained with the help of one of our experienced divorce mediators.
  • Note

    Income and Base Child Support Award amounts will be rounded to the nearest dollar for all child support worksheets per U.C.A. 78B-12-205(8).
  • What are the amounts of previously ordered alimony that is actually paid by either the mother or the father? (Do not enter alimony paid for this action.)
  • For Split Custody Only

    How many of the children from Question 5 will be in the custody of each parent?
  • For Joint Custody Only

    How many overnights will the children from Question 5 stay with each parent, the values entered must be at least 111 days or more for each parent and must total 365 days?
  • For people that have already divorced and had children with a new partner

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